Jizzm jizzm high definition dreamscape ep

Over a hundred years ago, Robert JIZZM HIGH DEFINITION Leon would have written poems, novels, and philosophies in the likes of William Shakespeare; painted complex masterpieces like . Escher, Picasso, and Salvador Dali; or traveled the world womanizing and exploiting his talents, knowledge, power and success like none other. In this day and age, Jizzm translates this creative energy into incomparable multi-dimensional beats that leave visible scars and fresh innovative rhymes, patterns, and deliveries that show you how deep the waters flow and how powerful the rising tide is becoming. By building a legendary history of battling and winning in MC competitions, killing open mics, freestyling on recognized radio shows, blowing up live performances, ripping on countless guest appearances and compilations, knocking out a plethora of independent releases and producing deadly beats that DJs fiend to burn, Jizzm created a wave of respect and integrity nothing can stop. Due to his recognized struggle and hustle, Jizzm became widely spoken about and labeled as the hardest working man in hip hop. On the contraire, I would rather work 10 times harder doing bigger things on a larger scale, which would in return have a greater effect. Therefore, I traced my steps and reinvented part two of my label breaking project entitled Illasophic Vol. The 12 Ep and extended 21 song EP CD have regenerated that necessary street buzz with both underground and mainstream radio play featuring artists who have broken past the stereotypes and earned that well deserved ear of the everyday listener and worldwide hip hop enthusiast. By establishing Illasophic Records through independent self-empowerment, Jizzm has worked all the aspects of the music business including: writing, producing, engineering, mastering, managing, booking, manufacturing, distribution, sales, publicity, marketing & promotions etc. In addition to the discography of recordings, Jizzm won a rhyme contest in 95 that paid him to freestyle on a NIKE radio commercial which aired on The Beat and Power 106 in L A. Jizzm had been a work for hire studio musician for the notoriety of B-Real from Cypress Hill, and Everlast from House of Pain. He has produced music for, and/or recorded songs with recognized artists such as: Supernatural, Canibus, Medusa and Feline Science, Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), Murs and Living Legends, Imani (Pharcyde), Lucky I Am (PSC) and Mystik Journeymen, Neb Luv, Mykill Myers, Pigeon John, LMNO, Otherwize, Mista Grimm (Indo Smoke), Ahmad (4th Ave. Jones), Aceyalone, ., Self Jupiter, & Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship, Abstract Rude and ., Juice (Chicago), Awol*One, 2MEX, Dilated Peoples, and Jurassic 5 etc. As an accomplished MC, JIZZM has built a vast, true worldwide loyal fan base of heads that live for music of this stature with a dedication to succeed as leaders who lead the followers to lead themselves.

Jizzm Jizzm High Definition Dreamscape EPJizzm Jizzm High Definition Dreamscape EPJizzm Jizzm High Definition Dreamscape EPJizzm Jizzm High Definition Dreamscape EP