The beads eeo-eio

"" (aka "Eeo-Eio") is a song written by Lynsey de Paul (credited as Rubin) and Edward Adamberry, that was originally released as a single by the group The Beads on the Decca label in October 1971. [1] [2] The actor and singer Jack Wild recorded his version of the song, produced by Biddu [3] for his 1972 album, A Beautiful World , which was released on Buddah Records. [4] [5] [6] A version with Italian text by Dino Sarti [7] called "Io... Aio" was also released by the Italian group, I Domodossola, on their album, Come Domodossola (1971). [8] [9] [10]

The Beads Eeo-EioThe Beads Eeo-EioThe Beads Eeo-EioThe Beads Eeo-Eio